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Fashion jewelry – Get a stunning look this June 2017

Fashion jewelry as we all know it has a fine way of helping us put up a stunning look together at an affordable price tag. With a wide variety of fashion rings, fashion earrings, fashion bracelets, necklaces, hairpins, anklets etc.; available these days; the sky is the limit when it comes to dressing up. Each individual with their own unique needs, puts forth an unique style that represents them. 

Fashion jewelry has been a part and parcel of everyday life since a very very long time. Initially metal was bent into what would now look as crude designs. Over the years fashion jewelry has gone from very crude looking and amateuristic in design to highly refined and almost hard to distinguish from real fine jewelry. This new trend has brought forth a new highly sophisticated industry that is almost overtaking the expensive fine jewelry industry. While fine jewelry will always have its place in the treasure chests of the rich, this equally beautiful yet affordable fashion jewelry is bound to cast its blanket over the entire world. As we see it, it has already taken over like a storm and is building momentum every single day. 



This June 2017 we put forth before you a stunning collection of just a few pieces that have made a mark in the fashion world. The Royal blue of Sapphires intermingled with diamonds in just the right mix is what makes these fashion jewelry pieces timeless and beautiful. 

Check out below these gorgeous fashion jewelry pieces from Carat Infini. 


The Pizzazz as you see it is a very attractive fashion jewelry ring full of vitality and glamour. This 10k white gold filled ring with the simulated sapphire blue stones and simulated diamonds has been channel set. A row of simulated diamonds on either sides of the simulated sapphires reveals and protects the sapphires that are placed in the middle. Having a surface width of 7 mm, this ring looks stunning. Its good design prevents it from getting damaged easily. Luxurious, yet affordable, this ring looks like the real deal.






The Eternal Blue Elegance Ring is an eternity ring made of high quality simulated sapphire stones that are 6*3 mm in size. These gorgeous marquis shaped stones have been tension mounted, to perfection. This white gold filled ring is perfect as an engagement or wedding ring . Its gorgeous blue haze is truly captivating; while also symbolizing trust, peace and loyalty. 

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While rings play an important part as a fashion jewelry ornament, beautiful earrings are not very far behind. Sometimes, just a pair of earrings can put forth a fashion statement like no other. Earrings come in varying shapes, sizes and types. Be it tiny studs, snug huggies, bursting clusters, fine dangles or the majestic chandeliers; fashion earrings are a must have to complete a perfect style. Below we give you a gist of what makes heads turn this june 2017. 



The winter might just have passed, but the Glistening snowflakes are here to stay. These delicate fashion jewelry stud earrings are hand created of environmentally safe metal alloy and are further white gold plated for shine and endurance. These lovely cluster earrings have been accentuated with simulated clear diamonds and simulated blue sapphire stones. Their tranquility and depth of intensity makes them a must have this june 2017. 


Panizza Earrings 

Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen a shooting star? These finely crafted fashion jewelry earrings are somewhat just like little dangling shooting stars. Their bright centers made of simulated dazzling diamonds and offshoots of simulated blue sapphires add grace and glory to this wonderful piece of jewelry. These starlight earrings are 29 mm * 15 mm in size and made of environment friendly alloy that is further white gold plated for strength and endurance. Ideal as party or night wear, this gorgeous fashion earrings are truly enchanting.


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Fashion jewelry also consists of the ever so humble bracelet. But a bracelet need not be just a boring strand around the wrist. Bejeweled bracelets have a charm and special quality that outshine all other bracelets. Decked with fine simulated diamonds and sapphires, bracelets can in an instant turn into a chic style statement. The BLUE CROWN bracelet below is just one product that proves it so. This humble bracelet although simple in design, is a powerhouse of decorative elegance. This handcrafted pave set fashion jewelry bracelet is 17.5 cm in length. Cast in environmentally safe alloy and platinum plated for endurance, this bracelet is an embodiment of luxury and charm. The simulated sapphire blue stones along with the dazzling diamonds are sure to make heads turn. For more information and a video of this bracelet, you may visit the link here

The BLUE CROWN fashion jewelry bracelet

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Necklaces as we all know can be of different kinds. They could be plain strands, pendant necklaces, party necklaces or magnificent grand necklaces. Here below are representations of what is making the headlines in fashion jewelry this June 2017. 


The Sapphire Blaze Pendant Necklace

This high quality pendant necklace made of 925 sterling silver, constitutes the Sapphire Blaze Necklace. It has a big luxurious simulated sapphire stone in the center and oblong shaped simulated diamonds around it. This striking pendant necklace can be paired up with its matching ring and pair of earrings to complete a trendy look.  Suitable as everyday wear or as a party accessory; this finely dignified pendant necklace is hip and trendy. 


Last but not the least, infact the most beautiful and stunning necklace this June 2017 is the Majestic Sapphire Necklace. This grand fashion jewelry necklace is a blend of sparkling simulated diamonds and radiant simulated sapphire blue stones. This necklace is delicately cast of environmentally friendly alloy and is further white gold plated for endurance and shine. It is approximately 44 cm in length. The intermingling of the marquis shaped simulated diamonds along with the royal blue simulated sapphires, makes this one of the most exquisite and gorgeous pieces of fashion jewelry this season. 

The MAJESTIC SAPPHIRE fashion jewelry necklace


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So there you have it - a gist of whats trending this June 2017 in the fashion jewelry world. So welcome June, set goals that excite you and scare you at the sametime. Be brave, surprise yourself ....but most of all, dont forget to wear a little bling that will make your heart sing.  

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Radiate your inner beauty... LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE !!!

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