Here are some of the frequently asked questions. Do go through the list and if you don't find any information you are looking for, kindly email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  FAQ21. Carat Infini wants every woman to feel and be special. Every woman deserves to feel like a million euros, no matter how much money she may have. Carat Infini makes this possible by providing them with a wide range of jewellery items, ranging from affordable pieces to expensive ones, all the time assuring them that no matter what they buy, it will be worth the price plus more.    

FAQ2 2. Our website has been designed in such a way, that finding and making your purchase will be very smooth and fast . When in a hurry , you can find all our products by hovering over the categories and sub- categories on our main drop down menu itself (for desktop/ laptops only). When you find what you like, click on it and it will take you to the product page for more details. ( *When you have more time, do browse through our website and check it out at leisure ) Fill in your specifications according to availability, and ADD TO CART. You can view the items in the cart, from the main navigation menu at the top, through ” My ACCOUNT – My Shopping Cart ” links present at the top navigation, and at the base of  any web page of our website. You than proceed to CHECKOUT, once you confirm that the items in your shopping cart match what you want to purchase. You enter any coupon or gift card code you have on the Checkout page, fill in your billing and shipping details; pay for your order using the payment option that suits you best, accept our TERMS AND CONDITIONS , and click on PLACE ORDER to complete your purchase.  

FAQ2 3. Carat Infini takes your online security very seriously. Our website follows all the requisites for a safe web browsing experience. We use an SSL  for encrypting data that is passed thru and from the website to you, so that none of your data can be viewed by others easily. To add to it our payment gateways are verified by the respective agencies who work on our behalf to collect your money through your credit cards, like VISA and Mastercard. Paypal payments too, go through an encryped verified line.

For safer practices, its advisable not to log in to your account at Carat Infini, through a public computer that is not 100% secure. Having an antivirus that is valid on your computer or phone, will also go a long way in protecting you well.

Nevertheless, if you do come across or find something that looks a bit fishy; do let us know immediately, so we can look into it and protect you further.

FAQ24. Tracking your order can be done on the website, through the TRACK YOUR ORDER link found at the base of any page of the website. Over here, you will get detailed information on every stage that your order shipment has gone through. All you have to do, is insert your order tracking code, sent to you once your order has been dispatched by us. You will also receive updates of your shipment by email, at regular intervals. In case of any query or issue , please email us or contact us through the website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQ2 5. We at Carat Infini would love to be able to get your jewellery custom designed for you, but at present it is not really possible. Our collection is updated regularly, and we are committed to provide you a wide selection of beautiful and contemporary designs. We are constantly in search of new designs with varing specifications, so that we can give every woman exactly what they are looking for. But, do send us what you are looking for, and we can look into the possibility of getting it done for you, or finding something very similar to what you want. We would be glad to help in any way we can, if possible. 

FAQ2 6. Due to the sheer volume of our shipments, it is imperative for us to have a signature attached to the order delivery note, so that we can keep track of all shipment data. This helps us in streamlining and making every aspect of the business efficient and secure. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience it may cause to you.

Yes, you can get your order shipped to a different address than your own. Kindly fill in the details on the CHECKOUT page with the address you want it shipped to.

FAQ2 7. If your item is in stock, it will generally take 3-4 days, once your order is placed, for us to get it ready for shipment. In times, of very high volume of sales, the orders may take a week to be shipped out. If the item is not in stock, it will generally take 20 – 27 days maximum to send it out to you. If you need an order immediately, kindly contact us through email, and we will see how we can get it for you sooner.

In case of undue delays that could happen because of unforseen circumstances, you will be notified of the same through email immediately.

Depending on the place and country where the order needs to be delivered, the time taken for delivery will vary proportonately. Kindly check our SHIPPING INFORMATION for more details

FAQ2 8. You have 15 calendar days to return or exchange the order, if you are not satisfied with it. Kindly note that the shipping costs on returns will be borne by the customer, and the money returned to you will be minused from the total costs of the purchase or it maybe exchanged for other products you may want to purchase. Please let us know if you need to return the shipment and we will guide you how to go about it.

It may also be noted, that the jewellery should NOT BE USED before returning. The jewellery will be minutely checked for usage against scratches and dents, and if found Carat Infini reserves the right not to make good of such a return.

Gift cards bought through the website, are not refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 

FAQ2 9.  Since we are catering to a large and varied number and type of clientele, we have a wide range of metals and stones used in the jewellery that we sell through this website. You can find more information about the same at the links : TYPES OF METAL GUIDE and ABOUT OUR STONES . These links will be updated as and when new materials will be introduced on the website. So keep a tab on them for the latest products.

Also, while making a particular purchase, all the details of that particular product will be available on that individual product page, so please pay careful attention to the same before your purchase.

FAQ2 10. As we mentioned earlier, we will try our best to get you what you want. If you like a design or product you have seen elsewhere, but is above your budget, do send us the details though our contact form and we will see if we can make it available to you for lesser. We don’t promise you that it can be done, but we can assure you that we will try our very best to make it possible.

FAQ2 11. All our jewellery will come in velvet jewellery pouches, to protect them from transportation hazards while its on your way to you. We do have some packaging options from which you can choose from, to make your jewellery more presentable, in case you want to gift it to someone else, or want a particular box you would like to store it in. All our jewellery packaging is exquisitely designed and presents itself and the jewellery within beautifully.

We let you exercise the choice to have or not have it delivered in a box, to cut costs and make it more conducive to your needs.

FAQ2 12. All our gift cards are virtual gift cards. As and when you buy the gift card, you will receive a code which will be sent to your email id, ONLY AFTER the payment has been received by us. Kindly note that this code can be used multiple times for purchase on the website till the amount is exhausted.

At present, since our gift cards are virtual gift cards, we cannot send you a physical gift card. But do check in later, as in due course of time, we will have that option available too. Till then you may print our Gift card along with the code sent and gift it to your loved one.

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