These are the values that guide our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these values remain constant. 


 Integrity & Respect

Communicate with each other honestly and authentically. Openness is root level for us. Individuals count. We respect people and value the contributions of each employee, supplier, associate and consumer.We understand that speaking your mind requires equal parts brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how it’s said). We are responsible to conduct our business with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.


 Ethics : Be the change you seek

Carat Infini should have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better our products, our people, our world. We strive to achieve high standards of performance in our endeavors. We are concerned about the environment and handle the resources we manage in a careful and respectful way. 



Commitment to service 

Customers are our lifeblood. We are passionate in providing uncompromising service that exceeds our customer's expectations. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions, balancing profitable growth, with an appropriate degree of personal responsibility and empowerment. We model behavior patterns of a leader that not only serves but constantly inspires those led.


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  Build with heart and balance

Passion and service infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care. We work together to develop people to their full potential. Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility. Action is an independent one. We insist on following the highest ethical standards and adhering to company values. 




We value positive results; continuous innovative improvement in quality, standards and time. We are committed to winning in today's competitive market place, anticipating change and embracing new ideas and innovation. We celebrate success and learn from failures; knowing that what we do, will ripple through eternity.



Our associates are our heart and soul. Being passionate to achieve and succeed, we embrace the unknown, fearlessly taking risks; being confident of delivering positive results. We persevere with grit and determination to overcome obstacles. But above all, we find joy in our work in serving the company and our customers.

Commitment : 

We are united by an unspoken pledge. We value dedication and help each other; accepting nothing less than loyalty in our cause.


Determination : 

We thrive on challenges, viewing them as an invitation to succeed and take our company to greater heights.

Pride : 

We present high quality at a reasonable price, in whatever we offer. We strive for excellence in our work, for we cherish the need to reach the perfect balance.

Integrity : 

We set high standards of moral behavior and strive to inculcate a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.


Passion :

We wholeheartedly believe in our companys' mission, vision, and values. We embrace and pursue them. Most importantly, we truly believe in one another.


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