Carat Infini is a brand born out of conviction. A conviction to help you make your everyday moments iconic. Carat Infini is all about comfortable luxury, with a hint of fantasy. Our classy and fabulous, glamour jewelry is chosen rather than invested in, admired for its intrinsic beauty rather than glorified. But most importantly, our jewellery is created to be worn every single day rather than hidden in a treasure chest.

                 At Carat Infini, our customers are the key element of our brand. Thus, one of the core aspects of the Carat Infini brand is its affordability. Our quality jewelry comes with a price tag to suit individuals from all walks of life.  We believe, everyone should have an equal opportunity to  rise and shine. Thus no stone is left un-turned to see that all our customers are taken care of, in the very best way we can. We expect you to seize this opportunity and put forth your very best self to the world.

               Our jewelry range carries a wide selection of finely-crafted diamond and colored gemstone simulant jewelry. Be it a wedding, an exclusive party, or just a casual day in the park, you are bound to make your mark, when adorned with a Carat Infini piece of jewelry. Our brand has become best-known for specializing in glamorous cocktail jewellery, gorgeous engagement rings, and exquisitely beautiful bridal jewellery, suitable for the modern fashion loving woman.

            As Belgium’s luxury fashion jewelry brand; we honour our commitment of providing pieces of exceptional jewelry and dedicate precious time to making each and every one of our customers happy. Each piece of jewellery is held to the highest standards in the fashion jewelry world.

                We, on our part, will continue to aspire, to imagine, create and put forth before you the most exquisitely unique and glamorous collections; to make you feel like a diva every single day.





To satisfy the needs of consumers

by providing high quality

fashion jewellery products they love

and make them feel like Superstars;

and provide our co-workers

with the environment that enables

the fulfillment of their entrepreneurial ideas.








To become

a brand leader

in the global market,

 for high quality

affordable fashion jewellery

and accessories. 







We attract individuals that share

our vision, mission and core values;

thereby creating and expanding

a rock solid business organization

across Europe and the world at large;

with our quality products

and business opportunities.