Carat Infini brings forth before you a range of packaging options for your jewellery needs. All our packaging has been created and designed with care, so that you can gift yourself or your loved one; not just a product, but a token of love.

        They say, that presentation and packaging, is everything. Sometimes, even more than the gift inside. Since, we realise that this concept might be subjective to each of our customers, we chose to let you have your say . Below you will find different types of packaging options for you to choose from. We do not force you to pick expensive packaging, specially since you may not need it. We thus help you reduce costs. Nevertheless, if you do want to gift the jewellery and are looking to package it well, you have a choice from those below. All, our jewellery is normally packaged in a velvet jewellery bag and shipped to you. This helps us reduce your transportation and packaging costs; thus giving you the very best and only that which is your hearts desire.

Carat Infini Jewellery bags

This is the type of jewellery bag that your jewellery will come packaged in, when no packaging box is purchased along with your jewellery.  This jewellery bag is made of velvet, and a draw string, that protects your jewellery from falling out. Velvet, being a soft material will keep your jewellery safe from scratches and thus protect it well. The Carat Infini logo will be prominently displayed on this bag, as a sign of our brand.



Jewellery Boxes Available for purchase:

Kindly note that all the jewellery boxes available below may be purchased along with your order, if you require them for gifting or storing purposes. Incase you do have any special packaging requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We would be glad to help. 

Ring Box

This lovely ring box is covered with black velvet and has our Carat Infini logo on it. Its robust inner plastic lining along with black velvet on the inside too, protects the jewel from any harm coming to it. Its a perfect packaging solution for our beautiful rings.

Earring or Pendant Necklace Box

These lovely velvet boxes with our logo on the top makes for a perfect solution to package our products from the earring or pendant necklace collection. Soft velvet on the inside and outside, keeps the jewel from getting scratched or being caused any harm too. These boxes can also be used to package our pendant necklaces.

Bracelet Box

These long bracelet boxes solve your packaging needs for bracelets that can be opened their entire length. Kindly note that bangle bracelets will not fit in this box type. The box is made of plastic and has been covered with black velvet on the inside and out. Our Carat Infini logo is beautifully perched on the top of the box.